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Ningbo Melon Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Commercial and Industrial Lighting Solution Provider

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  • Mr. Ben Zheng
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  • Phone: +86 574-5897 1086
  • Fax: +86 574-5897 1089
  • Company Location:
    0.51 Xingyuan Road Zonghan Street Cixi City , Ningbo, China
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Melon is a technology-driven, market-oriented, and customer-focused lighting solution provider. The company delivers a full spectrum of highly efficient LED luminaires including industrial-grade light bulbs, commercial linear fixtures, high bay luminaires, floodlights, and custom-developed lights. Distinguished product designs, outstanding photometric performance, ease of installation, and worry-free maintenance complement today's architecture features, application requirements and construction schedules. Our cost effective, premium quality, durable fixtures are exported to leading traders, lighting contractors, instotutional clients, mass merchandisers, and supermarket chains. 
Melon's specification grade products are suited for a broad range of applications to create cutting-edge lighting systems for commercial, institutional or residential projects. Our vertically integrated manufacturing facility allows us to deliver high quality lighting fixtures that combine design, innov... [more]
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