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Ningbo Melon Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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18W Integrated T8 LED Tube
Designed to replace conventional T8 fluorescent tubes and can be replaced directly into any fluorescent fitting, this integrated LED tube features high efficiency, low power consumption, high reliability, fast response time and low failure rate, ideal for specific applications such as warehouses, supermarkets, office, schools, hospitals, parking garages, and other locations striving to reduce thei
15W SMD5730 LED Bulb for Industrial Lighting
The 15W LED bulb features a large aluminum heatsink including a number of fins running longitudinally to provide improved heat dissipating surface area between the heatsink and the surrounding air. The increased heat within an LED bulb is mainly attributa
24W SMD5730 LED Bulb for Industrial Lighting
The 24W LED bulb is designed for lighting application in industrial facilities and warehouses as high/low bay lighting luminaires while saving a substantial initial cost as the typical high/low bay lights are much more expensive than this high luminous bu
18W T8 LED Tube SMD2835 1200mm Aluminum+PC Housing
This is a double-end input T8 4FT LED tube light with 18W total input power to replace 40-50W fluorescent lamps. It can be plugged directly into T8 fluorescent lights, which make them the most practical cost-effective retrofit upgrade for older T12 fluore
50W LED Floodlight, IP66, SMD 2835 Epistar LEDs
4250 Lumens and 120 degree wide beam angle provides super bright, shadow-free light for indoor and outdoor flood lighting for a wide range of spaces such as garage, yard, basement, garden, piazza, bill boards, factory, gyms, docks, aquarium etc. The die c
100W LED Floodlight, Epistar SMD LEDs
Utilizing quality Epistar LED chips and built with high efficiency aluminum body with a tempered glass for ultra-bright illumination, low energy consumption, lower maintenance costs, and installation in tough environment and weather condition. Finished be